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Monday, February 2, 2009

KMNS in Mem0ry....^_^

Last week, on second day of Chinese New Year, Me and my ex-classmate from N9 Matriculation College (h3p7) went to Mid Valley just for fun. It's almost 1 year we graduated from matric... and I missed them so much! But unfortunantely, only three of us that free on that day and we find onenice place there (Domino's Pizza), and we chating and chating and chating non stop for 3 hours about what we have gone through after finishing our study at matriculation until now. Forgot yo mention, the three of us is syafiqq, ain and me. Below is the pic when i'm studying at matriculation.

Me and my friend at Astaka. I don't know why all of us really proud with this thing.. huhu..

hehe...nathing to say...miss them a lot!!~~


  1. best nyer alam university .. kat melaka kan .. haha . lagi best ... dekat ngan highway .. huhu


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