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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Browser Battle! :: Internet Explorer vs Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome

Todays entry I'm going to explain everything in English~ Browser Battle??? What the heck was that?? Hehehe...;p Yup, nowdays there are about 9 browsers is being introduce to us... I repeat, 9 browsers! Please refer the figure below to see those 9 browsers~

Because there are quite many browsers to be choose, My mind keep asking... what the difference between them?? Just like people, browsers also have their own positive and negative aspect. While searching for it, I found this cartoon which comparing between 5 browsers. Hahaha...;p quite funny though~ It's actually explaining about the browsers speed~ I think it's true!! =)

Erm... I think it's hard for me to compare all of them. =.='' So, I decide to choose 3 most popular browser that we always use for laptop or desktop. I know, right now there's many people online using Mobile Opera, but... I think I'll explain those three first okay!~ I'll talk about Opera later...

internet explorer | google chrome | mozilla firefox

Figure below shows how Internet Explorer windows looks like in my laptop~

--> Support. Love it or hate it, Internet Explorer is hanging on to about three-quarters of the browsing market with its default status in all Windows machines. You know developers and designers are going to cater to it.
-->Security. With Microsoft at its helm, IE hangs on to a reputation of safe and reliable browsing.
--> Privacy. IE 8 was the first to offer a no-record browsing mode, branded here as InPrivate Browsing.
--> Searching. IE 8's Smart Address Bar offers similar functionality to Chrome's Omnibox, letting you type in URLs or search terms and taking you to the right place.
--> Added add-ons. IE 8 finally catches up to Firefox with a new "Gallery" full of third-party add-on options.

--> Speed. Independent tests have found IE 8 to be significantly slower than the alternative choices. Resources. IE 8 uses a lot of memory compared to its competitors -- a factor that could considerably slow down the rest of your system.
--> Crash potential. While IE 8 does use separate processes for tabs, similar to Chrome's approach, it does not do so to the same degree.
--> Competition questions. Can IE's add-ons reach the level of Firefox's? Already, some users are complaining of problems even getting them to work.

Figure below shows how Mozilla Firefox windows looks like in my laptop~

--> Strong foundation. Mozilla's already built a loyal following with Firefox, and it doesn't intend on letting that go. With Firefox 3.1, you know you'll have a powerful library of add-ons and support already at your fingertips, not to mention the slew of other assets unveiled in Firefox 3.0.
--> Speed. Mozilla says its still-under-development TraceMonkey JavaScript platform will leave Google's V8 in the dust. The second alpha build revs things up, too, with added support for "Web workers" - a system that lets multiple scripts run as background processes.
--> Competitive edge. Mozilla's developers have good reason to watch what Chrome is doing -and work to match it, if not one-up it.

--> Security questions. Some studies -- albeit, Microsoft-funded ones -- have suggested Firefox, with its frequent new versions, is more susceptible to threats than the other options.
--> Crash potential. Unlike Chrome, Firefox does not have separate environments for each tab -- so one rogue page can still take the whole program down.
--> Support. Firefox has worked hard to snag a small portion of the browser market share, and most early predictions show Chrome taking away more of its userbase than IE's.
--> Google's focus on Chrome will also take away some of its previous focus on Mozilla's development efforts. Will Firefox be able to remain a key player in the browser war?

Figure below shows how Google Chrome windows looks like in my laptop~

--> Reliability. Chrome's multiprocess architecture makes a bad Web page less likely to take down the whole browser.
--> Speed. Chrome loads fast and keeps your surfing super-fast.
--> Simplicity. Its clean design wastes no screen space.
--> Searching. The Omnibox lets you type search terms or URLs into a single spot and figures out what you want.
--> Privacy. Chrome offers an "Incognito" mode that lets you easily leave no footprints from where you've been.

--> Privacy. Chrome's taken a lot of heat for its monitoring and collection of user data, some of which happens before you even hit enter.
--> Security. It didn't take long for users to discover vulnerabilities in the beta browser. Several of these have already been patched.
--> Reliability. Some sites and online services still don't work with Chrome.
--> Consistency. Because Chrome is build on the WebKit system, it differs from the dominant platforms that most designers focus on.
--> Support. Chrome doesn't yet have any add-ons or customization options available. It's yet to be seen how these, once developed, will compare to the rich options available for Firefox.

That's the lowdown on the battle's current status. Remember, all three of these programs are still early in their development, so many of the pluses and minuses could change as things mo
ve forward. One thing's for sure, though: This battle is on, it's growing fierce, and each of its contenders will do anything it can to win.

Okay, now you may understand what is Browser Battle all about right? For me.... I choose chrome!! It's fast, easier and simple... Most of the time I use chrome, but
it doesn't mean that I never use firefox and IE anymore... I still save them in my laptop... Those 3 browsers is being such a good friends in my laptop screen. Hehehe... =)

Last but not least, i found another funny quotes that related for those 3 browsers that I compare just now... It really mean and sarcastic!! Hahaha...;p Suddenly I feel sad for IE... Without IE, there will be no other browser is being created right? But, you are to slow IE! I can't stand with you... I'm sorry~ T.T

Let me translate it in Malay... "Satu perkara yang bagus tentang Internet Explorer ni adalah untuk memuat turun installer Mozilla Firefox dan Google Chrome (terutama masa komputer baru lepas kena format dan satu2nya browser yang ada adalah IE) dan ianya tak berapa bagus untuk melakukan tugas itu juga."
Waa~ Kesiannya IE, habis madu sepah dibuang... tapi nak buat macam mana~ Zaman dah berubah...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Friendly Blog Award!

Tadi, on je lappy troz bukak blog~ usha2 kt shout kut2 ade kengkawan blog baru menyapa... tiba2 terbaca komen si Mizi ni ha~ Macam gempaq je... tros r bukak page dia... Rupa2nya!!!
Saya dapat award lagi!!!~

Okeh, ini award kedua yang ak dapat sepanjang bergelar blogger...
Setinggi-tinggi terima kasih diucapkan kepada rakan blogger saya Mizi sebab memberi award ni kat saya~ Saya sangat terharu!!!~ T.T <-- lagi skali menangis kegembiraan...

Seperti biasa, kalau da dapat award kena la jawab soalan cepu emas kan? hehe...;p mari kita tengok apakah soalan untuk award ni???

Pendapat tentang blog Mizi
Blog mizi ni simple jew~ x banyak benda mengarut...
tema gelap... pastu ade muka badut menangis kat situ...(yeke?) macam emo pn ade gak.. hehehe...;p
kesimpulannya, saya suka la!
sesapa berminat bolehla lawat

Tempat paling nak lawat
Erm... mcm pernah jawab je soalan ni...
okeylah... saya jawab simple jew... ada 2 tmpt saya nak sangat pegi..
1. Tanah Suci Mekah
2. Jepun

3 perkara tentang diri sendiri
3 je?? sikitnya... kalau Mizi bagitaw perkara yang terdapat dalam Mykad, saya bagitaw perkara yang terdapat dalam lesen la ya.. Hahaha... =)
1. Lesen Memandu Malaysia <-- so, boleh memandu kt sebelah kanan je ya~
2. Tempoh tamat lesen 20/04/2011 <-- wah! thn dpn da mati~ nasib baik cek.
3. Kelas B2, D <-- pasni nak amek lesen keretapi pulakla.. ;p

Last but not least kena tag 5 org... kalau boleh saya nak tag semua... hurm, siapa erk yg bertuah?? susah gak nk buat pilihan...

dan juga sesiapa yang membaca entry ni... ambiklah!!~ =)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Malaysia VS Indonesia

Tahniah Malaysia!

Semoga Malaysia Berjaya Pada Perlawan Di Indonesia Akan Datang!

Malaysia Boleh!

Achik Dan Kucing 2

Tadi belek2 handphone ternampak gambar yang amek semalam... Ok, harini saya sambung lagi cerita achik dan kucing ya~ Semalam saya tolong makcik saya bungkus ikan kucing yang tersangtalah BANYAK demi menampung perut2 kucing yg BANYAK dibela oleh makcik... Hehehe..;p
Gambar bawah ni adalah si Mega yang penyibuk~ Saya ingat dye nak buat apalah kan, cium2.. gigit2 daun rumput.. Sekali dia cari port nak melepas??!! Kurang Asam Sungguh! =.=''

Sebelum ni saya dah cerita makcik ada 40++ ekor kucing kan?? Hari ni saya cerita macam mana nak bagi makan kucing2 tu...
Haa~ Gambar bawah ni adalah sebesen besar ikan yang perlu saya bungkus dalam paket plastik kecik2... Sehari selalunya rebus dalam 10 - 12 bungkus ikan kot~ utk kucing2 tu... Haha.. (x sure pulak)... Tapi kesemua ikan yang dibeli hari ni stok utk 4-5 hari la~ :)

Lagi gambar ikan, ade besen lain kat hujung sana... Lepas tu ada lagi ikan2 yang belum dikeluarkan darip plastik besar~ By the way... Selalunya achik akan beli anggaran 100kg - 200KG ikan sekali ke pasar mengikut keperluan semasa...
Selain daripada ikan, makcik juga ada beli friskies utk snack kucing2 ni di waktu petang2... Haha~ lupa pulak nak ambil gambar tong friskies yang gedabak tu~ Bayangkan jela sendiri ea... Hehehe...;p

Lagi sekali ambik gambar Mega gedik tengah tido~ Malu kunun orang ambik gambar tido dia~ Buat2 tutup mata... Sudahlah Mega! Kamula pelakon terhebat kat rumah tu... Hahaha~
*Comelnya dia!!! Geram2..*

Okay, gambar bawah ni tak ada kena mengena dengan kucing acik... Actually dia kucing jiran sebelah rumah... Tapi kat rumah saya pun dia makan gak~ Haha...;p Nama dia Ige~ Mama yang bagi nama... Katanya sebab si Ige ni bulu dia belang tiga... =)

Ige ni kategori kucing takut tapi mau~ Haha~ Bukannya tak boleh pegang, boleh... tapi dia macam penakut sikit... Mungkin sebab tak biasa kot... Tapi manja~ Kalau dia rasa diri dia selamat, barula dia nak manja2... Hehehe~

Pandai kau tengok kamera ya Ige~ Haha..;p

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Best Follower Award!

Buat pertama kalinya selama bergelar blogger~ Saya dapat award!!!~
First of all sy nk ucap terima kasih tak terhingga kepada pemberi award, riha sbb sudi memberi award ni kat saya~ Hehehe...;p

Dah dapat award, mestila kena jawab soalan... Da macam artis lak gayanya kan? Artis yg menang award... Hahaha...;p

1. Ucapan Anda
Terima kaseh sesangat ya riha sbb bagi award ni kat saya!~
Saya berasa amat terharu..... T.T <-- menangis kegembiraan... Hehe..;p

2. Berikan 4 ciri girl/boy idaman untuk dijadikan wife/husband
Fuhh~ soalan! macam you all nak carikan jodoh utk I pulakkan?? Hahaha~
1. Beragama
2. Bertanggungjawab
3. Penyayang
4. Berilmu

3. Berikan satu tips untuk kekalkan relationship dengan partner korang.
KOMUNIKASI itu penting~

4. Pernah anda jumpa doa pendekat jodoh & putus cinta?
Hape punya soalan ni? xde kena mengena dgn award ni langsung... Hahaha~
x pernah.

5. Letakkan 10 link pilihan anda & tell them they has won this award~

Soalan Cepu Platinum!!~

Yoo!!~ Wassap! Wassap! Adoii~ berangan jadik rappers jap.. Jadik rappers tak apa, jgn jadik rapist... Rapist?? Nauzubillahiminzalik... Jangan dicuba ya kawan2... Berdosa besar tu! Ingat Allah.. Ingat tuhan.. Huhu... Sepatutnya saya mulakan entri ni dengan ucapan salam... Assalamualaikum para pembaca sekalian~ Astaghfirullahalazim... okeh.. sudah2la tu mengarut... Back to school.. eh to main topic, Soalan Cepu Platinum~ Apakah??

Saya sebenarnya telahpun terkena tag!! (Jerit ala2 fafau dalam hot fm, Anda Kena Panggilan Hangit!!) Haha...;p Saya di tag oleh kawan a.k.a classmateku gemilang :: Hayati Hermoine Lovegood. Percayalah!! Ini nama sebenar kawan saya!! Hehehe...;p Berikut adalah soalan2 cepu platinum yang di tag kepada saya~ Saya cuba jawabla sejujur mungkin keyh... Hehe...;p

1. Apa benda yang penting dalam hidup korang?
Tak ada benda dah yang paling penting di dunia yang fana ini selain daripada Agamaku.. Islam..
Yang Pertama. Iman adala benda yang terpenting yang harus dijaga rapi dan diperkukuhkan dari sehari ke sehari...
Yang kedua. Ibu Bapaku... Tanpa mereka siapalah aku...
Yang Ketiga. Diriku sendiri~ Hehehe...;p

2. Benda terakhir yang korang beli guna duit korang?
Apa ek, duit tol kot! Hahaha~ Last kuarkan duit masa nak bayar tol balik dr Lowyat beli desktop.. Yang lain tu ditanggung beres oleh Perbadanan PAMA~ Agagaga~

3. Dimanakah korang melangsungkan perkahwinan korang? dan apa temanya?
Perghh!! Soalan, tak terjangkau akalku... Hahaha..;p Tapi mak abah ade jugakla bincang2~
Tempat. Kalau boleh malas nak buat kat rumah... Pening katanya, penat nak kemas balik. Buat kat dewan kot... Kalau ada duit lebih, buat kat hotel! Pehh!! Imaginasi nak gempakkan?? Imaginasi je pun... Lantakla... Tak fikir pun lagi.. Haha..;p
Tema. Saya suka warna biru! Dapat bayang x? Haha...;p Tema tradisonal je kot, xdela nak konsep garden ke, arabic ke, jawa ke.. Hahaha...;p Yang penting AKAD NIKAH~ Yang lain tu suka2 je... kalau da menyusahkan da jatuh haram namanya~ =)

4. Adakah korang tengah bercinta sekarang?
Wahh~ Ni lagi satu soalan yang tak terjangkau hatiku... Hahaha...;p Erm... Camne nak cakap ya~ soal hati ni susahla nak explain... Yang pastinya, saya masih single! Hahaha...;p First come first serve~ Yang mana berjaya mencuri hatiku, aku akan menjadi milikmu~ Cheeewahhh!!~

5. Berapa lama korang akan mencintai kekasih korang?
Saya kalau dah sayang, memang xde lain dah... Semestinya forever and ever~ So, please... Jangan sia2kan diri ini~ Chait!~ Ayat jiwang lagi.. Hahaha...;p

6. Dimanakan korang selalu jumpa dengan kekasih korang?
Ini apa punya soalan ni?? Ini soalan yang menjangkau kakiku... Hahaha..;p Sepak kang! Sebok je nak taw.. syooh! syooh! paparazi nih! jangan menceroboh hak asasiku taw! I need my privacy~ Cheh.. perasan artis kunun~ Hahaha...;p

7. Novel/Buku/Majalah yang terakhir beli?
Erm... komik gempaq starz! Tajuk dye~ Coklat & Pudina... by Fujita Nimi...

8. Nama penuh korang?
Bukan dah ade display kt blog ni ke? Hahaha...;p Okeylah, saya bagitau lagi sekali... Nama penuh saya NUR AFIQAH BINTI ABU SAMAH. Saya appreciate nama yang parents saya bagi... dan, saya bangga dgn nama abah saya! Hehehe...;p

9. Antara mak dengan ayah? Mana lebih rapat?
Erm.. soalan sukar nih... Dua2 saya rapat, Dua2 saya sayang~ Tapi truthfully... Ada certain time saya rapat dengan mak... certain time saya rapat dengan abah... Kalau dengan mak saya mmg sgt rapat sebab saye suke share macam2 cerita especially 'girl bussiness' mmg tak ade rahsia antara aku dan mama... Hehehe...;p Tapi saya akui, saya sangat manja dengan Abah saya!!~ Kalau jalan kat mana2 tu jangan terkejut kalau korang nampak saya peluk tangan abah saya dari mula sampai hujung jalan... Haha~

10. Namakan orang yang betul2 korang nak jumpa dalam hidup korang?
Yang pertama. Orang yang paling saya nak jumpa dalam hidup/mimpi adalah Nabi Muhammad S.A.W~ Mmg saya teringin sgt nak jumpa baginda...
Yang Kedua. Saya nak jumpa dengan bakal suami saya!~ Mungkin saya da jumpa dia sekarang... Mungkin juga tidak... Saya tak tahu... Jodoh pertemuan di tangan Allah S.W.T~ =)

11. Adakah korang basuh baju korang sendiri?
Mestilah basuh sendiri!! Eisyhh~

12. Dimanakah tempat betul2 korang nak pegi?
Yang Pertama. Tanah Suci Mekah... Bertapa tenangnya rasa hati apabila dapat beribadat sambil menghadap kaabah. Saya masih insan biasa. Banyak melakukan kesalahan. Lalai dengan kemewahan duniawi~ Pergi ke sana untuk memohon ampun kepada-Nya setulus hati sehingga menitis air mata... =)
Yang Kedua. Kalau boleh saya nak pegi Jepun!!! Watashiwa nihonggo daisuki!~
Yang Ketiga. Saya nak pegi semua tempat kat atas muka bumi ni. Kalau boleh pegi bulan, saya pegi bulan... Hahaha...;p

13. Pilih satu, Peluk or Cium?
Ini mana boleh salah satu... Ni orang panggil package~ Peluk dan cium! Korang taw apa maksud XOXO? Maksudnya kisses and hug... X = Kisses, O = Hug. Simbolik tu... Mana ade org bagi XXX or OOO... XOXO adela.. Hehehe! Saya nak dua2~ =)

14. Bagitahu 3 benda tentang orang yang beri tag.
Pertama. Tersangatlah sempoi orangnya!~ Best~ X banyak cerewet... I loike!~ Hehe...;p
Kedua. Minat photography!~ Gambar dye snap mmg sgt artistik dan cantik!~ Kagum.. ^_^ Kalau korang perlukan khidmat photographer, contactla dia.. Dia ada buat bisnes. Sila view lmn web dye Lensa.Hayati (ak promote ko ni betty)
Ketiga. Banyak cakap! Ade je idea nak cakap... Tak boleh cakap pon dia nak cakap gak! Tak akan boringlah kalau duduk dengan dia ni... Haha...;p Luv you Betty~ =)

15. 5 benda yang paling disayangi dalam hidup.
Pertama. Jam Tangan
Kedua. Dompet dan segala isi penting dalamnya mcm IC, Lesen.. Susah woo nk dpt!
Ketiga. MBQ 7384. Motosikalku yang kacak!~
Keempat. Laptop dan Desktop PC. Walaupun tak sama, tp sekufu la tu kan? Haha...;p
Kelima. Handphone~

16. Lagu yang korang paling suka dan selalu dengar.
Buat masa ni ada satu lagu jepun yang aku suka sangat dengar. Dah lama da ak dengar lagu ni, tapi sejak akhir2 ni mcm berminat pulak. Hehe...;p

Tajuk: Konayuki. Penyanyi: Remioromen.

17. Bila tarikh lahir? dan kat mana korang sambut tahun lepas?
Haa~ Da taw ni kena bagi hadiah erk! Haha...;p Besday saya tak lama je lagi... 3 hari je lagi.... Haha..;p 29 DISEMBER 1988. Tahun lepas sambut kat mana ya? Tak sambut kot... Tapi kawan2 yang rapat banyak bagi hadiah~ Terima Kasih semua dengan hadiah2 yg diberi!

18. 5 rakan blogger yang korang nak tag.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Graphic Card :: MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 Cyclone

Hurm... saya rase da sehari saya tak update blog saya kan? Hahaha... Semalam saya kepenatan mencari gajet untuk desktop saya bersama kawan saya... Credit to my friend, zikri... Kami bershopping kat Plaza Lowyat (Syurga Teknologi Terkini) Hehehe...;p

Ok, entri hari ni berkenaan desktop baru saya... Sebelum ni saya pakai laptop... tapi memandangkan sem depan Projek Sarjana Muda (PSM) saya agak berat, Maka saya pun meng'upgrade' laptop saya kepada desktop...Hehehe... Berikut salah satu gajet paling penting dalam pembelian desktop... Graphic Card! Hehehe....;p Inilah Graphic Card utk desktop saya sekarang~ Harga pasaran dye RM 559... Tapi saya dapat diskaun jadi RM555... RM4 je dpt.. T.T tapi lepas gak tu buat makan sarapan... Haha..;p

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 video card has proven itself to be one of the best bang for your buck video cards this summer and we have yet another one for you to take a closer look at. The GTX460 that we are looking at today is the MSI N460GTX Cyclone 1GD5 video card. This video card comes from the factory overclocked for an extra performance boost and also features MSI's much improved Cyclone GPU cooler. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 was designed by NVIDIA to run at 675MHz on the core, but MSI put a rather nice 50MHz overclock on this card as it was delivered to us with the 336 CUDA cores inside the GF100 'Fermi' core running at 725MHz. That puts the card right in the middle of the ASUS ENGTX460 Top as it came factory overclocked at 700MHz and the EVGA GeForce GTX 460 SuperClocked that came in at a rocking 763MHz on the core. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 is easy to overclock, but we'll talk more on that in the overclocking section.

The MSI N460GTX Cyclone 1GD5 video card looks tough with the large beefy cooler on it and the black PCB. This fan design won't exhaust all the hot air from the inside of your case since the card doesn't have a fan shroud to direct the airflow to the exhaust bracket. The card measures 9.5" in length and stands at 5.0" tall (200.61x110.1x38mm).

Flipping the MSI GeForce GTX 460 video card over we don't find anything too interesting as it looks like it is using the NVIDIA reference design PCB.

The MSI GeForce GTX 460 graphics card does support SLI and has a single SLI bridge located along the top edge of the graphics card. The NVIDIA GTX 460 series supports two-way SLI configurations and can run NVIDIA Surround (2D) multi-panel gaming technologies. That means you can buy two of these and run games like Bad Company 2 at a resolution of 5760 x 1200 across three monitors for example.

The MSI N460GTX Cyclone 1GD5 graphics card has a pair of dual-link DVI-I outputs along with a mini-HDMI output header. MSI does not include a mini-HDMI adapter with their bundle, but they do include a DVI-to-HDMI adapter. Both the Dual-link DVI and HDMI outputs can be used to send high-definition video to an HDTV via single cable (including audio if running HDMI). A regular sized HDMI header was not used since it couldn't fit next to the pair of DVI outputs. MSI placed their name in the exhaust bracket, which looks like it would reduce airflow at the cost of product branding.

The MSI GeForce GTX 460 video card requires a 450 Watt or greater power supply with a minimum of 24 Amps on the +12 volt rail. It also requires that the power supply has two 6-pin PCI Express power connectors for proper connection. It should be noted that the NVIDIA minimum system power requirement is based on a PC configured with an Intel Core i7 3.2GHz CPU. If you want to run SLI we have been told that a 600 Watt or greater power supply is suggested by NVIDIA. NVIDIA refuses to give +12V requirements for SLI, which is strange since they give ratings for single card solutions.

For more information, you may view this website

Okay~ Begitulah ceritanya pasal graphic card MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 Cyclone ni... Huhu... Panjang sgt namanya~ Bberbelit2 lidah nak sebut... Hehehe...;p Kat bawah ni video pasal Graphic Card ni jugak~ Tontonlah... kot2 korang berkenan... Mana2 Gamers addict tu, silalah beli~ Pasti puas hati... Hehe..;p

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Achik Dan Kucing 1

Erm~ Arini saya pergi rumah achik... hantar lauk yang mak masak... Hehehe...;p dah lama x pergi rumah achik~ yela, baru je dapat cuti kan... huhuhu... Apa ya nak cerita pasal achik? Achik saya ni merupakan kakak kepada mama saya~ Achik sangat sangat sangat sayang dengan makhluk Allah yang bernama 'Hurairah' atau dalam bahasa melayunya, KUCING~ Hehehe...;p Untuk entri kali ni saya cerita 3 ekor kucing dulu ya~ Sebab kalau nak cerita pasal semua kucing2 makcik saya ni tak termampu rasanya... ada 40++ ekor kesemuanya~ Haha.. Banyakkan??


Haha.. apasal saya bagi no name? sebab kucing ni xde nama... da byk sgt kucing.. da tak ternama lagi dah~ hahaha...;p tanya gak kt nenek.. "Nek, apa nama kucing ni nek?" Nenek berfikir sejenak... pastu cakap, "Entahla pi... kucing ni xde nama... Banyak sangat dah kucing" haha..;p tapi tak taula kan kalau nenek sebenarnya dah lupa apa nama kucing ni... hehehe... :)

cerita pasal si no name ni, haha..;p cam sedap plak kan, jom bagi nama kat dye.. nonem~ best pe.. ok esok nak gtaw nenekla, jom bagi nama kucing ni nonem... hehehe...;p Si nonem ni sebenarnya saket... tu baru balik dari klinik la tu.. tu sebab duk dalam sangkar... huhuhu... Apa sakit si nonem ni?? Nonem ni sakit x boleh kencing!

Adoyy~ nenek cakap klu dye kencing pun, kencing dye berdarah... kata doktor, mungkin batu karang... Isyh3x kesian nonem... Buat masa ni doktor slalu kasik injection kat nonem... eventhough inject, mulut nonem still berbuih.. T.T kesian nonem... sabar ye syg~ nnt awak sihat semula! dan boleh kencing puas2~ Jgn bagi perfume sudah ya~ Hehehe...;p
**istilah perfume = kucing yang memancitkan kencingnya bersepah2 sama ada di tayar kereta, langsir, mahupun sofa (tu tempat2 wanted) Hehehe...;p


Okeh, sekarang cerita pasal nana~ seperti yang korang lihat gambar di bawah, Nana ni sebenarnya buta~ Dye xleh nampak kte... tapi dye boleh kenal dengan bau... Sama ada orang tu sayang kucing atau tak (sixth sense) hehe...;p Mula2 nana ni takut dgn saya.. yela, da lama x jumpa kan? tp lama2 dya da kenal... asyik menyondol je keje dia hahaha...;p Anyway, walau pun nana ni KKU (Kucing Kurang Upaya) <-- Istilah baru abah yg bagi... Hehehe...;p Tapi nana ni sgt sweet dan pandai~ Sayang Nana~


Haha~ sebenarnya tak terasa nak cerita pun pasal si mega ni... sebenarnya fokus utama nak cerita pasal sijil2 makcik yang sangatlah banyak ditampal kat dinding on the way nak naik tangga tu (rujuk gambar di bawah)... tetiba pulak si mega ni interframe masuk dalam gambar~ alang2 ceritala pasal dye jugak ya... Hehehe...;p

Mega ni sebenarnya makcik x ambik pun dia.. Dia yang datang sendiri kat rumah tu... Hehe...;p mungkin sebab dia nampak rakan2 dia yang lain ade kat rumah tu, maka dia pon join skali duk kat rumah tu... Hehehe... Mega ni sebenarnya seekor kucing yang sangat gedik! Suka menyibuk, suka tidur, suka makan, suka menghimpit... Tapi dia sweet~ :)

Tengok tu, sikit2 suruh orang garu tengkuk dia... Hisyh~ Nasib baik kau hensem mega... ak kasikla garu kau punya tengkuk tu... Haha...;p

Tujuan si mega ni naik ke atas, sibuk menghimpit kat saya sebab dia dengar bunyik kamera handphone ni... "kechek.. kechek" tu yang dye tertarik nak taw amenda la bunyi pelik tu... Haha...;p mega ni memang seekor kucing penangkap... Da banyak ekor da tikus dan burung yang tak bersalah pon tewas ditangan dan taringnya... Dye memang sangat suka menangkap... Bagus gak kan? sekurang2nya xdela tikus berkeliaran kat rumah makcik... :)

Oke, dah puas kena garu tengkuk, dye pun bla lah, meninggalkan saya begitu sahaja... Hehe..;p xlah, sebenarnya makcik saya baru pulang dan tengah bukak gate nak masuk... Dengar aje telinga dia kan? Hehe...;p Asalnya nak cerita pasal sijil2 achik tu kan? dah lari topik ni... Haha...;p Achik sebenarnya seorang karyawan dan penulis yang sangat di segani... Nak tahu cerita pasal dia??? Okeylah... Saya cerita pasal achik kat entri lain ya~ Kalau cerita kat sini macam x best... Banyak nak cerita pasal dia... Hehehe...;p

Akhir skali~ kena gigit dengan Mega!!!! Arggh~ saya da jadi salah seorang dalam list mangsa mega... tapi x mati lagila... x seteruk mangsa2 yang lain.. Haha~ Kenapa saya kena gigit dengan mega?? Ok, saya mengaku... salah saya... Saya terlalu geram dengan kecomelan dia dan telah menggomol2 dia... Memang patot pun kena cakar dan gigit... Dye mesti terasa diri dia terancam... Hahaha~ Tapiii.... Sakitlah Mega!! Dahla~ Xmau kawan mega untuk satu malam! T.T

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays~

Seriously~ Takde keje duk kt belakang kete... Jadi boss la~ Main capture2 gambar sendiri atau dalam erti kata lain... Syok sendiri... Hahaha~ Saya sememangnya photogedik... Ehee~

Muka kat sini macam gembira je kan? Eh, mestila!! sape x gembira dapat balik rumah~ orang semua dah lama cuti... Dah ada yang masuk sem da pun... Saya jugak yang baru dapat cuti.. T.T~ Tapi xpela, atleast dapat gak cuti kn... walaupun seminggu lebih je, akan dimanfaatkn sebaik mungkin! Hehehe~

Happy holidays to my lovely and precious housemate~ Saffa Raihan, Nor Azrin, Nur Syazwani Aslin, Nurul Azlinyana dan Siti Syahidah.

Tahniah Pelajar Malaysia!~

Tadi masa saya tengah syok layan facebook, tiba2 kawan a.k.a kembar saya Nurul Afiqah Ibrahim buzz kat chatbox~ Ada berita gembira dan berita sedih katanya... SURPRISE!!! Mana satu nak tau dulu?? ok, kasik berita gembira dulu lah ya~ Haha...;p

Seperti yang korang baca kat tajuk entri ni, Tahniah Pelajar Malaysia!~ Sebab apa? sebab diorang berjaya membawa pulang pingat dan sekali gus mengharumkan nama Malaysia di Chiang Mai untuk 15th Asean University Games 2010~ Fokus utama saya pada sukan
Taekwondo yea~ Saya ni ni atlit Taekwondo, so kasik lebih sikit pengetahuan dalam berita terkini sukan Taekwondo ni...

Lagi sekali saya ucapkan tahniah untuk dua orang pelajar Malaysia yang menja
di wakil Malaysia dalam sukan Taekwondo ni sebab berjaya membawa pulang pingat dan sekali gus mengharumkan nama Malaysia di sana~ Mereka ialah Rosliza Anita Jumar dan Yin Yee Wen... Kalau korang nak taw, kedua-dua orang pelajar ni merupakan penuntut Universiti
Malaysia Sabah (UMS). *x dinafikan player sabah mmg hebat2 belaka! kagum~ ^_^*

Ni pulak adela sikit biodata diorang yang saya cilok dari laman web 15th Asean University Games 2010 Chiang Mai. Kalau nak taw maklumat lanjut korang boleh la tgk kat situ~

Kategori Welter
Kategori Heavy

Okay~ Dah taw cerita gembira? sekarang cerita sedih pulak... Haha~ Bukanlah sedih
sebenarnya.. saja je nak kasik gempak kembar aku ni... nak bagi ada feel sikit nak dengar cerita
dia kan? Haha.. actually berita ni memberi saya semangat lebih lagi... Supaya saya pon boleh berjaya dan jadik seperti diorang ni... Saya pun bercita-cita nak mengharumkan nama Malaysia dimata dunia gak! Diorang boleh buat, apasal saya tak boleh buat kan?? Hehehe...;p
Okeh, ceritanya... Mereka berdua ni sebenarnya lawan kami berdua di arena Taekwondo... Masum tahun lepas da bertemu da dengan diorang ni... Memang diorang hebat! *kagum~ ^_^*

Ini adalah result bagi Sukan Masum 2010 untuk sukan Taekwondo Kategori Welter dan Heavy
(Wanita). MASUM tahun lepas mmg bertujuan untuk memilih pelajar2 yang berpotensi untuk
wakili Malaysia bagi Asean University Games 2010... Kedua2 mereka ni berjaya dapat pingat emas...

Untuk Kembarku Piqa~ Go Piqa Go!!~ *Memberi semangat untuk dia dan juga diri sendiri*
InsyaAllah~ Kalau kita berusaha, pasti akan berjaya suatu hari nanti... Memandangkan ni last game MASUM kte, kte kena buat yang terbaik! Hehe...;p

MASUM 2011~ Go UTeM Go!! Common UTeM Go!!~

To All my Beloved Taekwondo Team Members~ I Miss You All Damn Much!!!~ Cuti2 gak... Training Jangan Lupa~ Lagi satu, jangan lupa emel result sem lepas kat sir~ Bagi yang capai target, tahniah! yang x capai target pn, tahniah! sebab da buat yang terbaik... Sukan tu sukan jugak... Akademik juga mesti diutamakan... (Ayat Sir Michael Bong, coach atlit Taekwondo UTeM) Alahai~ Rindu pulak kat sir... Kalaulah sir tau aku minum ais semalam... confirm kena burpee 50x, Sit up 50x, Pumping 50x... T.T (sori sir, smlm saya teringin sgt nk minum ais... hari ni saya minu air panas je...x tipu!)

He is my hero!!~ Saya suka tengok game dia... Nama dia Yousef Karami, Merupakan jaguh Taekwondo bagi Negara Iran. ^_^

He wins gold medal for 16th Asean Games 2010 in Guangzhou, China~
Congratulation Karami!~ ^_^

Monday, December 20, 2010

Egg Diet?

Entri hari ni kita bincang pasal diet ya kawan2... diet dgn apa? diet dgn telur... TELUR??? Bukan ke telur tu mengGEMUKkan??? macam mana nak diet dengan telur? Haaa~ Memangla telur tu menggemukkan.. tapi kalau betul cara pemakanannya, telur juga boleh mengKURUSkan... Okey, jom kita tengok mcm mana orang diet dengan telur ni...

Egg Diet Basics

The Egg Diet has become increasingly popular due to reports that some well-known people and celebrities have successfully lost weight by eating only eggs. There are several versions of the Egg Diet that are circulating on the Internet. The most popular version of the diet does not actually consist of eating only eggs but it does involve getting the majority of your protein from egg.

This diet is basically a variation on the Atkins diet where the focus is on restricting carbohydrate intake. In this version of the diet you eat two or more eggs for breakfast along with, grapefruit, low carbohydrate vegetables or lean protein.

Lunch and dinner includes either another serving of eggs or a small portion of lean protein such as fish or chicken. Salads and low carbohydrate vegetables are usually allowed as desired however fruits are generally limited to one to two serves daily. Other carbohydrate foods such as bread, pasta and potatoes are strictly limited.

Another version of the diet is called the ‘Egg and Grapefruit Diet’ and this involves eating half a grapefruit with each meal. The rest of the diet plan is very similar to that outlined above.

The most extreme version of the diet involves eating only hard-boiled eggs and drinking water.

Recommended Foods

Eggs, lean protein, low carbohydrate vegetables, grapefruit, and water.

Sample Diet Plan


2 boiled eggs
½ grapefruit


Roast chicken without skin
Green Salad


2 egg omelet with spinach and tomato

Exercise Recommendations

Exercise is not a requirement for following this diet plan.

Costs and Expenses

This is a relatively inexpensive diet plan and the only cost may be that the grocery bill is slightly increased due to the need to purchase extra lean proteins and fresh vegetables.


--> High protein, low carbohydrate diets help to reduce appetite.
--> High protein diets increase the rate of calorie burning.
--> Eggs are a good source of protein and vitamins.
--> Studies show that eating eggs for breakfast increases weight loss.


--> Not a healthy or balanced approach to eating.
--> Eliminates entire food groups and many vegetables.
--> Lack of carbohydrates will make it difficult to engage in strenuous physical activity.
--> Many people experience fatigue and nausea during the first few days of the diet as the body adapts to a reduced intake of carbohydrates.
--> Eating a lot of eggs can cause constipation, flatulence and bad breath.
--> Dietary boredom may reduce ability to stick with the program.
--> Not sustainable as a lifestyle plan for healthy weight management.
--> Likely that any weight loss will be regained upon a return to normal eating.


The Egg Diet is essentially a crash diet, especially the version that does not allow for nutritional variety. Although rapid weight loss will probably occur it is most likely that all of this weight will be regained upon the completion of the diet.

Obviously eating eggs alone is not a healthy way to lose weight and the extreme version of this diet is very dangerous for health. Dieters risk not only nutritional deficiency but also severe disruption to their health and well-being.

Macam mana? nak try diet dengan telur tak lepas ni? telur memang sangat sedap~ tapi banyak 'cons' dr 'pros' kot... hehehe..;p apa-apa pun, setiap makanan yang ada kat atas muka bumi ni boleh dimakan selagi ianya halal dan tidak mengancam kesihatan kita... Make sure kita jalani gaya hidup yang sihat kalau nak jadi sihat~ Selamat mencuba!!~

3P Programme for Adobe Dreamweaver

Assalamualaikum... Pertama skali saya nak mengucapkan syukur ke hadrat Illahi sebab........ Saya lulus 3P!!! Alhamdulillah~ Berkat usaha mengorbankan cuti demi mendapatkan segulung sijil professional akhirnya terlaksana... Program ni dilaksanakan oleh Prestariang yang berlangsung di FTMK, UTeM Selama lebih kurang sebulan...

Apakah itu 3P??? 3P tu maksudnya Program Pentauliahan Proffesional atau dalam bahasa
Inggerisnya Industry-Based Certification Programme... Hehehe...;p Rugi taw kalau tak ambik kursus ni... dahla ditanggung beres oleh pihak universiti... kita cuma perlu siapkan minda dan badan je utk dtg kursus ni... Buat yang terbaik, jawab exam, lulus, anda dah diiktiraf sebagai proffesional... This is some information that I can share with you...

What is 3P?

3P stands for “Program Pentauliahan Professional” or Industry-Based Certification Programme. This programme is jointly-developed by Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) and Prestariang Systems Sdn. Bhd. (PSSB).

What is objective of this program?

This program is intended to bridge the knowledge gap between technology and skill sets in today’s competitive job markets. This program is targeted at students in the final year. This program will complement the degree awarded by IPTAs in Malaysia.

What are certifications that currently offered by 3P?

Refer to Certifications Programme page for more details.

**untuk keterangan lanjut, korang boleh lawat sendiri kat laman web Prestariang 3P

Untuk kursus 3P ni ya kawan-kawan, saya ambil Individual Certification, Adobe
Dreamweaver CS4. Apakah itu Adobe Dreamweaver? Ini ada sikit informasi yang saya boleh share kat korang semua~

What is Dreamweaver?

The common (mis)conception with Dreamweaver is that Dreamweaver is designed to or is even capable of completely removing the agency ofHTML and CSS coding from web design. This is like saying that a nail-gun can completely replace a hammer. A nail-gun will nail the boards together, but it is an imprecise tool, and there is a certain amount of danger while using it. If you can’t occasionally fall back on the hammer for more detail-oriented work, then there’s a definite limit to what you can build. A skilled carpenter knows how to use the hammer and occasionally does so when the nail-gun just isn’t doing what is intended.

Dreamweaver, like the nail-gun, is designed to make your life easier. You may never learn HTML or CSS, but without knowing them, you are limited to Dreamweaver’s way of doing things. This is not altogether a bad thing: it is simply a slightly narrow perspective on a large field.

Extolling the Virtues

Writing Content

HTML can be cumbersome. Dreamweaver writes (for the most part) good, valid HTML using an easy point-and-click interface.

Managing Files
Unless you are using a scripting language like PHP, managing a large site with many pages and files can quickly become a mess. Dreamweaver has built-in dependency tracking that will automatically manage your files and will update your pages accordingly. Many people use Dreamweaver just for its built-in synchronization tool.

Preliminary Page Layout

Dreamweaver has good tools to assist you in laying out your site. There are also a lot of “pre-fab” layouts and templates available as starting points in Dreamweaver CS3.

Dreamweaver’s layout features are, however, somewhat limiting. Some designs are simply impossible to achieve using the buit-in layout tools. In these cases, you can go in and manually edit the HTML and CSS that Dreamweaver produces to tweak to exactly what you need.

**untuk keterangan lanjut, korang boleh lawat sendiri kat laman web Adobe

Haaa~ Kalau korang nak taw!~ saya dapat beg free dari prestariang... sebagai tanda ingatan setelah bertungkus lumus belajar untuk menjadi seorang yang professional kan?? Hahaha...;p Inilah beg yang saya dapat~ Boleh tahan smart...

Akhirnya!!~ Tamaltlah sudah Semester 1, Tahun 3 saya di Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka... Tahun depan da masuk sem baru~ Bunyi macam lama je lagi kan tahun depan tu? Padahal~ 10 hari je cuti... Waaaaa!!!~ T.T

Walau macam mana tertekan pun belajar ni, saya tetap akan berusaha sedaya upaya dan menggunakan peluang yang diberi dengan sehabis baik. Saya berjanji dengan mak dan abah dan juga diri saya sendiri, Saya nak jadi orang yang berguna dan berpengaruh suatu masa nanti!

Saya Boleh! UTeM Boleh! Malaysia Boleh!


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