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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Browser Battle! :: Internet Explorer vs Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome

Todays entry I'm going to explain everything in English~ Browser Battle??? What the heck was that?? Hehehe...;p Yup, nowdays there are about 9 browsers is being introduce to us... I repeat, 9 browsers! Please refer the figure below to see those 9 browsers~

Because there are quite many browsers to be choose, My mind keep asking... what the difference between them?? Just like people, browsers also have their own positive and negative aspect. While searching for it, I found this cartoon which comparing between 5 browsers. Hahaha...;p quite funny though~ It's actually explaining about the browsers speed~ I think it's true!! =)

Erm... I think it's hard for me to compare all of them. =.='' So, I decide to choose 3 most popular browser that we always use for laptop or desktop. I know, right now there's many people online using Mobile Opera, but... I think I'll explain those three first okay!~ I'll talk about Opera later...

internet explorer | google chrome | mozilla firefox

Figure below shows how Internet Explorer windows looks like in my laptop~

--> Support. Love it or hate it, Internet Explorer is hanging on to about three-quarters of the browsing market with its default status in all Windows machines. You know developers and designers are going to cater to it.
-->Security. With Microsoft at its helm, IE hangs on to a reputation of safe and reliable browsing.
--> Privacy. IE 8 was the first to offer a no-record browsing mode, branded here as InPrivate Browsing.
--> Searching. IE 8's Smart Address Bar offers similar functionality to Chrome's Omnibox, letting you type in URLs or search terms and taking you to the right place.
--> Added add-ons. IE 8 finally catches up to Firefox with a new "Gallery" full of third-party add-on options.

--> Speed. Independent tests have found IE 8 to be significantly slower than the alternative choices. Resources. IE 8 uses a lot of memory compared to its competitors -- a factor that could considerably slow down the rest of your system.
--> Crash potential. While IE 8 does use separate processes for tabs, similar to Chrome's approach, it does not do so to the same degree.
--> Competition questions. Can IE's add-ons reach the level of Firefox's? Already, some users are complaining of problems even getting them to work.

Figure below shows how Mozilla Firefox windows looks like in my laptop~

--> Strong foundation. Mozilla's already built a loyal following with Firefox, and it doesn't intend on letting that go. With Firefox 3.1, you know you'll have a powerful library of add-ons and support already at your fingertips, not to mention the slew of other assets unveiled in Firefox 3.0.
--> Speed. Mozilla says its still-under-development TraceMonkey JavaScript platform will leave Google's V8 in the dust. The second alpha build revs things up, too, with added support for "Web workers" - a system that lets multiple scripts run as background processes.
--> Competitive edge. Mozilla's developers have good reason to watch what Chrome is doing -and work to match it, if not one-up it.

--> Security questions. Some studies -- albeit, Microsoft-funded ones -- have suggested Firefox, with its frequent new versions, is more susceptible to threats than the other options.
--> Crash potential. Unlike Chrome, Firefox does not have separate environments for each tab -- so one rogue page can still take the whole program down.
--> Support. Firefox has worked hard to snag a small portion of the browser market share, and most early predictions show Chrome taking away more of its userbase than IE's.
--> Google's focus on Chrome will also take away some of its previous focus on Mozilla's development efforts. Will Firefox be able to remain a key player in the browser war?

Figure below shows how Google Chrome windows looks like in my laptop~

--> Reliability. Chrome's multiprocess architecture makes a bad Web page less likely to take down the whole browser.
--> Speed. Chrome loads fast and keeps your surfing super-fast.
--> Simplicity. Its clean design wastes no screen space.
--> Searching. The Omnibox lets you type search terms or URLs into a single spot and figures out what you want.
--> Privacy. Chrome offers an "Incognito" mode that lets you easily leave no footprints from where you've been.

--> Privacy. Chrome's taken a lot of heat for its monitoring and collection of user data, some of which happens before you even hit enter.
--> Security. It didn't take long for users to discover vulnerabilities in the beta browser. Several of these have already been patched.
--> Reliability. Some sites and online services still don't work with Chrome.
--> Consistency. Because Chrome is build on the WebKit system, it differs from the dominant platforms that most designers focus on.
--> Support. Chrome doesn't yet have any add-ons or customization options available. It's yet to be seen how these, once developed, will compare to the rich options available for Firefox.

That's the lowdown on the battle's current status. Remember, all three of these programs are still early in their development, so many of the pluses and minuses could change as things mo
ve forward. One thing's for sure, though: This battle is on, it's growing fierce, and each of its contenders will do anything it can to win.

Okay, now you may understand what is Browser Battle all about right? For me.... I choose chrome!! It's fast, easier and simple... Most of the time I use chrome, but
it doesn't mean that I never use firefox and IE anymore... I still save them in my laptop... Those 3 browsers is being such a good friends in my laptop screen. Hehehe... =)

Last but not least, i found another funny quotes that related for those 3 browsers that I compare just now... It really mean and sarcastic!! Hahaha...;p Suddenly I feel sad for IE... Without IE, there will be no other browser is being created right? But, you are to slow IE! I can't stand with you... I'm sorry~ T.T

Let me translate it in Malay... "Satu perkara yang bagus tentang Internet Explorer ni adalah untuk memuat turun installer Mozilla Firefox dan Google Chrome (terutama masa komputer baru lepas kena format dan satu2nya browser yang ada adalah IE) dan ianya tak berapa bagus untuk melakukan tugas itu juga."
Waa~ Kesiannya IE, habis madu sepah dibuang... tapi nak buat macam mana~ Zaman dah berubah...


  1. saya suka google chrome! x semak bahagian atas.. hahahaha..

  2. yes!~ simple kn?? saya juga suka google chrome sbb dia sgt lajuuuuuuuuuuuu~ hahaha...;p

  3. nak tau satu fakta.. sebenarnya penggunaan google chrome boleh menyebabkan internet umah kita jadi slow.. serius..

  4. google chrome laju... tgh pakai mozila firefox lg...
    tunggu google chrome jd full version..skg nie masih beta lg..haha

  5. erm.. btul2~ that's y ade pros and cons dye~ hehehe...;p

  6. internet explorer skunk jrang orng gna bb lmbt...sku k famouse mozila n chrome...pew...

  7. anati soki is using google chrome :) and anati soki like it! heheheheheh

  8. tp chrome pn ada byk web yg dye x support~ utk entertainment bolehla tgk kt chrome gn firefox... cuba klau bukak laman web rasmi especially government~ mmg IE je boleh support~ tu yg leceh.. huhuhu...

  9. pernah pakai tiga-tiga, dulu memang setia dengan firefox tapi baru sekarang nie curang hahaha, baru je tukar google chrome & loading google chrome lebih cepat berbanding firefox heeee

  10. pkai google chrome..ringan!...=)

  11. mizi nak ajak baca kisah sedih mizi

  12. oit fieqa.. bila nak updtae ni.. cepat siapkan artikel baru... cepat!!! geget kang haaaa

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    saya masih gunakan gougle crome nak laju sikit dari firefox tu..... tapi tak banyak suport lahh blog tertentu iteww aje masalahnyerr.... tak leh bukak langsung

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