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Monday, April 13, 2009

Follow these guidelines and drive safely:-

Riding a bike is a fun, exciting and practical way to get around. It is also a risky activity. These risks can be minimized/avoided if you care to follow a few safety norms. Here are a few points that just may save you some trouble down the road.

Get in gear - A helmet, eye protection, boots and gloves best protect you against injury in case of an accident. Be sure to wear them every time you ride.

Get insured - Make sure you and your cycle are both properly licensed before you head out. Get insured so that you and your passengers are adequately protected. And make sure you are aware of the current road conditions.

Ride smartly - Use your headlight, avoid other drivers' "blind spots," don't make rapid lane changes and be prepared to use your horn so you can be certain other drivers see you.
Ride defensively - Three-fourths of all two-wheeler accidents involve collisions with automobiles. They happen because the driver of the car did not see the two-wheeler. That is why it pays to be aware of what the other vehicle operators are doing - or might do - when you ride. Be extra aware of drivers waiting to turn left across your path at intersections since this is the most frequent problem.

Keep your distance - Don't ever stop directly behind another vehicle. If you leave enough space, you'll be able to maneuver around the vehicle in front of you in case an approaching vehicle doesn't see you and can't stop in time.

Don't drink and ride - About half of fatal two-wheeler accidents involve alcohol. That is because alcohol and other drugs impair your ability to make sound judgments. So when you're drinking, let someone else do the driving.

Have your bike checked regularly - Follow the recommended service schedules for your bike and have all repairs made by an authorized dealer. What's more, always check your bike's tires suspension and controls before hitting the road.

Learn to share - Having someone on the back of your bike is a big responsibility. After all, weight has a tremendous effect on handling. So before you give someone a ride, instruct them on proper riding techniques and make sure they have appropriate protective gear.


Selamat menunggang motosikal...ingatlah orang yang tersayang...ikat topi keledar kemas2...pandu cermat, jiwa selamat...;p
gambar ni diambil ketika saya hendak ke kuliah technical communication...tgh tunggu si Azrin bersiap...tu kt depan rumah die la tu...ade presentation ari tu, tu yang smart je pki baju kurung...hehehe...;p

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